CONPAD (Non-contact pad)




Carries workpieces without making contact! This is possible by using Bernoulli’s theorem

Can carry workpiece without leaving adsorption traces, marks or damage.

Adsorbing bumpy workpiece

Board with mounted parts


Adsorbing porous workpiece

Printed circuit board

Frozen croquette (SUS type)

Can adsorb workpieces that cannot normally be adsorbed with standard suction cup designs due to air leak.

*minor contact may happen due to uneven workpiece surface.

Adsorbs various foods, making use of COP’S characteristics.

The body is made from Stainless Steel (SUS), meaning it can be washed and kept clean. Contactless suction pads can remove water from the workpiece surface due to the Adsorption characteristics of COP.

Deep-fried bean
curd (SUS type)

Baked sweets


※Please consult with us for SUS body type.

Capable of high-speed carrying of non-adsorbable workpiece.

Carries workpiece without making adsorption traces.

Optional attachment realizes the high-performance!

Anti-sliding dampeners,
Anti-sliding dampeners can be attached to prevent workpiece from moving while In Operation. Dampeners with result in slight contact with workpiece.

Anti-sliding damper is used

Work-holding guides.
The suction pad had 4 mounting positions to allow the connection of holding guides to support operation.

Work-holding guides are used