High durability pad / Flat type



Made with TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) material having high durability.

Wear resistant

Oil resistance

Weather resistance

10 times longer than conventional material
(※10 times less than NBR on the list of
 ※1 Taper abrasion loss)

Excellent resistance against oil

Excellent resistance against ozone,
long life circle

Wide range of cup sizes.


Flexible lip to follow curved surface, for various object shape

Application Automotive industry

Due to high durability,
less replacement and running cost.

Patterned cup surface prevents sideslip on workpieces with an oily surface.

●Sheet metal and other work pieces with the oily
surface can be picked up and transported!

Application Press industry

40% lighter compared to PKMG series (NBR).

● Compatible with PKMG series.
● No need to separate rubbish as the cup is without metal shaft .
 →Eco-friendly !