Metal Detectable Suction Cup




New material that reacts with a metal detector!

●Suction cups made of silicone rubber containing metallic components, If cup rubber is mixed because of breakage or dropping,  it reacts with a metal detector. ※1

●Detectability with X-ray detectors is improved. ※1

Rubber material
MaterialHardness (A/s)Ambient temperature(℃)Color
SMMetal detectable silicone55-60~250Gray※2

※1)May fail in detection, depending on the set conditions of the detector and types of foods being manufactured.
   Check in the actual use conditions in advance.
※2)Subject to color unevenness due to material characteristics. However, it has no influence upon the performances.

Can be applied to the various shapes cups

●Standard flat, 2 bellows, 3 bellows, multiple bellows, Thin type, etc.

Applicable series

 PB, PC, PF, PJ, PL, PN Less than φ50mm

Most suitable for avoiding mixing of foreign matters
in food industries and medical industries.

Reliable and safe material

Material that passed FDA-compatible Food Sanitation Law tests is used.※1
※1)Falls under the category of the “rubber products to be used repeatedly” specified in FDA: 21CFR§177.2600.

Testing methods of rubber-made instruments (excluding baby’s bottles) or
container packages in 3 (1) of the standard according to materials of D
instruments or container packages or their raw materials of standard 3
instruments and container packages for foods, additives, etc., based on
the provision of Article 10, paragraph 1 of the Food Sanitation Law

(Conforms to notice 595 of the Ministry of Health,
Labour and Welfare as of December 28, 2012.)

Contact us for samples for detection tests.

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